Everything is Bigger in Vegas

Hydrant Club's namesake
Hydrant Club's namesake

Okay so that statement generally gets used related to Texas-sized things, but when it comes to size, Las Vegas isn't exactly known for being shy about going large.

It makes perfect sense, then, that this town should be home to the world's largest functioning fire hydrant. To be clear, it's not the worlds largest hydrant. That title goes to a nearly 40-foot-tall behemoth in Columbia, South Carolina (followed closely by two others in Beaumont, Texas (24.5 feet) and Manitoba (29 feet). These others, however, are cartooney, artsy statues with no water functionality whatsoever.

When the time came to think about ways our facility would stand paws above other dog businesses, we, of course, focused on our mission, our goals, our services, and practices.

Then we thought bigger.

During one of our planning sessions in the Spring of 2013, we began to discuss the property's design. It would have the largest expanse of real grass in all of Downtown Las Vegas (8,500 square feet). It would have the largest number of major growth mature shade trees (7 of them). Then Tony Hsieh spoke up ... we should have the world's largest functioning fire hydrant.

Immediate research led us to the above-mentioned triad of structures - none of which were to the actual scale of a hydrant and none of which had any sort of water function whatsoever. We wanted ours to look real. The design brains of Bunnyfish Studio went to work and began to stretch the proportions of an actual fire hydrant to see how tall it could go before getting too narrow and wobbly. Turns out the answer is close to 15-feet-tall.

And so it began ... the design and construction of the world's largest, functioning fire hydrant.

On December 12, 2013, it arrived.

Everything's Bigger in Vegas from Hydrant Club on Vimeo.

We're super proud of our landmark, not only that it is our namesake but also that it provides such a great engaging experience for the passers-by enjoying all the great developments of Downtown Las Vegas. In this great news report - part two of a series about the Downtown Project's work here - our hydrant gets to be the backdrop ... and they interview our Chief Human Officer, Cathy Brooks.