Hydrant Club – A Membership and Pricing Primer

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Many folks ask why our pricing isn’t permanently placed on our site. In our first year our unique format and offerings meant that we were playing around with many different types of pricing. As such the rapid and frequent changes made a blog post a more effective placement. As we have evolved we landed on a solid structure so expect this information to be placed more prominently and permanently on the site. In the mean time, here are the data bits you probably want to know.

Hydrant Club Behavioral Assessment
This is the hour-long assessment process through which every dog who enters our facility must pass. It consists of three parts. First, we introduce the new dog(s) individually to an array of pack members. There may be anywhere from 10-20 individual introductions. Based on the results of these meetings, we move to the pack introduction where the new dog(s) are evaluated in the pack setting. Finally we take the owners away for about 20 minutes so that we may observe the dog(s) behavior without their humans present. Dogs that pass this assessment with no qualifications may utilize any of our Club’s services. Dogs presenting with overly fearful or dominant tendencies may be required to go through training and a reassessment. We offer an array of training services on this front and if there is a secondary assessment that assessment is done without any additional charge. If you sign up for services at the assessment we offer an immediate 50% discount on the aforementioned fee AND you get a free day of daycare ($45/value) to use within 30 days of the assessment.

ONCE THROUGH THE ASSESSMENT, here are the basic services we offer. Members also enjoy invitations to private, member-only events and other special services.

Services, Packages and Pricing as of December 2016

Off-leash Only Package – This is designed for those seeking a safe, clean and pleasant place to take their pup for an off-leash romp. Members must remain with their dog at all times when using this package. Members may come with their dogs as often as they like and stay as long as they like on the designated days for each package. Two human guests are allowed per visit. Non-member dogs may be allowed but only after pre-authorization and screening. The hours of operation for off-leash space use are 7am to 10pm*. All rates below are for a single dog.

Hamburger: $75/month – Access to off leash space 7-days-a-week

*In summer those hours are 6a to 11p

Daycare Structure and Hours – Hydrant Club offers various options for daycare. Half days are defined as four-hour sessions with the duration being four hours from drop off to pick up. Full days are defined as eight-hour sessions with the duration being eight hours from drop off to pick up. For people who need longer daycare (e.g. 8-10 hours) we do offer longer sessions at $5/more per day. Any sessions longer than 10 hours are considered boarding. Drop off and pick up must be done during designated time periods defined as follows:

At or after 8am and no later than 9:45am – For full day and morning half day sessions
At or after 12pm and no later than 1:45pm – For full day and afternoon half day sessions
At or after 4pm and no later than 5:45pm – Pick up from full or half day sessions

If a dog is picked up after the four hour duration for a half day, full day rate will apply. If a full day session dog is picked up after 8  hours, late fees may be incurred. If prior notification is not confirmed in writing and a dog is not picked up by 5:45pm, dogs are immediately put into overnight boarding and additional rates apply.

Daycare Packages and Rates – Pricing for daycare services are offered to meet an array of needs, from ad hoc and drop off (a la carte and 10-packs) to structured monthly packages offering specific days per week at various levels of discounts. Most monthly packages include key fob access to off-leash area and are priced with discounts ranging from 15% to 20% on per day rates. All rates are for a single dog.

A la carte: We request 24 hours notice by email (woof@hydrantclub.com) to schedule daycare. Morning of scheduling may be possible. In all cases, a la carte access is based on availability and there is no guarantee space will be available.
• Half day – $25 – Session is 4 hours from drop to pick up.
• Full day – $45 – Session is 8 hours from drop to pick up. Longer sessions available for slightly higher fees.

10 Packs: These must be used within 90 days of purchase date. We request at least 24 hours notice for booking daycare. Day of appointments may be available but are not guaranteed.
• Half days – $225
• Full days – $405

Monthly/Annual daycare packages – These full-day packages guarantee access to daycare and carry substantial per day discounts. Important to note: if not used, pre-booked days do not roll over due to the discounts offered.
• 1-day/week: $180/month
• 2-days/week: $350/month
• 3-days/week: $500/month
• 4-days/week: $650/month
• 5-days/week: $700/month
• 1 month unlimited $780/month (Up to 6 days a week for one month)
• 1 Year unlimited $9,350.00 (Up to 6 days a week for one year)

Canine Concierge Transport – We also offer pickup/drop off services for daycare and boarding stays. Inquire for rates and availability.

Boarding – Structure and Rates – Hydrant Club is a cage-free facility with an array of beds, lounges, mats and sleeping environments to appeal to all pups. If a dog has a particular item with which it sleeps at home, we will insure it gets to snuggle with it at night and that it gets returned. We have staff stay overnight to insure safety. Sleepover Lounge guests must bring a supply of food ample for the stay in airtight container or ziplock bags. If brought in open dog food bag, storage fee will be incurred. If medications are required those must be brought as well. Dogs arriving without food will be fed a grain free kibble and there will be an additional charge for meals.

• Standard boarding**: $75/night
• Overnight only: $45/night
• Special Needs boarding: $100/night
• Private Accommodations: $150/night
• Board and Train starting at $150/night

**Dogs with prebooked daycare pay difference btwn standard rate and their pre-paid daycare fee.

We also offer an array of other services from bathing & grooming to a full complement of training services. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog and to our web site and if you have immediate questions or needs feel free to call us directly at 702-721-9663 (that spells WOOF ).