NO PETS AS PRESENTS … or Why Putting a Pet Under the Tree Can Be a Colossal Disaster

Okay folks. It's that time of year - twinkling lights, mistletoe, tinsel and presents wrapped with wonderful paper and bows.  The family gathers around and ... lo and behold there it is! An adorable <insert type of small animal> frolicking under the tree.

What can be more adorable?

The very image makes me as a dog care professional shudder because gifting a pet at this time of year is a particularly bad proposition.

What's that? You're already committed to the puppy or kitten? Well, there are some things you can do to avoid disaster.

Here's my rant with some useful tidbits:


If written word is more your thing, you can check out this short article I had published in LV Pet Scene Magazine that details WHY pets for holiday gifts are such a bad idea and details what you can do instead.