Hydrant Club Services, Packages and Pricing

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Money doesn't grow on trees and we know that services like daycare, overnight boarding and belonging to a private club like ours with your dog are, for most people, a luxury. While they also are a necessity for many, the cost is certainly an object. Here's the thing. We're not cheap. In fact, we are the most expensive daycare facility in Las Vegas. There are some facilities that are more costly for some services, but we consistently hear from our clients they feel that ours is an exponentially better value - for the quality of care, the facility and the fact that the dogs are directly monitored 24/7.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The point is that we are not inexpensive. We know that. We also know that the quality of the service we provide speaks for itself.

Below we offer an overview of our pricing for basic services - daycare, overnight boarding, park access.

For those who are seeking training services and are leading with the question - How much will it cost to "fix" <insert behavioral issue here>? - you will not find pricing here, or anywhere else on our site for that matter. Nor will we quote training cost in advance. The public training programs we offer are all individual, one-on-one programs, customized specifically to fit the needs of an individual dog/dogs and their people. As such in order to determine the nature of the program - length of time, work entailed - first we must evaluate the dog. The application fee structure below is the same with the difference that the $150 application fee is applied immediately to the cost of whatever training program is built. For questions directly about training, please call our office at 702-721-9663.

Now to ongoing club memberships and services ...


Hydrant Club Membership Application Fee

In order to access our facility for any services whatsoever, every dog must complete our membership application process. It begins with this form, which gathers very simple information about the dog's background and also helps us better understand what services someone seeks. On receipt of the completed form, we contact the applicant to gather the necessary health records for the pup. Unlike any other facility, we require all health records be submitted in advance and confirmed before we schedule the on-site interview.

Once the paperwork is completed, we schedule for the dog to come into Hydrant Club for the membership interview. This process takes roughly an hour and the pup's people are present for it. Depending on the results of that interview, we may suggest the owner leave their dog for the balance of the day. All of that is included in the same fee.

Our testing evaluates the dog on cognitive behavior, social skills, basic obedience/understanding of commands, response to various stimuli and separation anxiety. Dogs presenting with overly fearful or dominant tendencies may be required to go through training and a reassessment. We offer an array of training services on this front and if there is a secondary assessment that assessment is done without any additional charge.

Once through the assessment, here are some basic services we offer. We should note that we offer discounts for a number of local businesses, as well as active military, law enforcement/emergency services personnel and teachers.

Pricing as of June 2018

Off-leash Only Package
 – This is designed for those seeking a safe, clean and pleasant place to take their pup for an off-leash romp. Members must remain with their dog at all times when using these packages. Members may come with their dogs as often as they like and stay as long as they like. Two human guests are allowed per visit. Non-member dogs may be allowed but only after pre-authorization and screening. The hours of operation for off-leash space use are 7 am to 10 pm.

  • $75/month – Access to off-leash space 7-days-a-week

 - Hydrant Club offers half and whole day options for daycare. Half days are defined as four-hour sessions with the duration being four hours from time of drop off to pick up. Full days are defined as eight-hour sessions with the duration being eight hours from time of drop off to pick up. We have designated drop off hours and pick-up hours. Exceptions to those time windows (earlier or later) may be available with pre-authorization.

A la carte: Ideally we receive at least 24 hours notice by email or text to schedule daycare. Morning of scheduling may be possible. In all cases, a la carte access is based on availability and there is no guarantee space will be available.

  • Half day - $25*
  • Full day - $45*

10 Packs: These are valid for 90 days from purchase date. We request at least 24 hours notice by email for booking. Day of appointments may be available but are not guaranteed.

  • Half days - $225*
  • Full days - $405*

Monthly daycare packages: These full-day packages are designed to guarantee access to daycare on given days and carry substantial per day discounts. As the number of days increases, the per day rate decreases. Important to note that if not used, pre-booked monthly days do not roll over due to the discounts offered. Packages range from $190/month* to $750/month*.

Boarding – Hydrant Club is a crate/cage/kennel-free facility with an array of beds, lounges, mats and sleeping environments to appeal to all pups. If a dog has a particular blanket, mat or another item with which it sleeps at home, we will ensure it gets to snuggle with it at night and that it gets returned. Overnight staff stays with the dogs to ensure safety. Dogs that are being crate trained or prefer a crate can be accommodated.

  • Standard boarding: $75/night*
  • Overnight only**: $45/night
  • Special Needs boarding: $100/night
  • Board and Train: Starting at $150/night*

* Note that all pricing is for a single dog. Some multi-dog family discounts may be available for certain daycare packages.