Member Spotlight: Shannon George

There are people who love animals. There are people who care about animals. There are people who talk about animal welfare. And then there are the people who don’t just love and care for animals or talk, but take action.

Shannon George is such a person.

Member #8 of the Hydrant Club, Shannon reached out to us for information before she even had a dog. It was the summer of 2013 and she had decided that it was time to bring a dog into her life. She did her research. She evaluated, reviewed and analyzed various rescues and shelters. Then she found Lincoln.

Lincoln George
Lincoln George

When we faced an issue around trying to remove a colony of feral cats from underneath the lodge building into which we were expanding, Shannon was quick to raise her hand to offer help in trapping, doing research to provide us with more information on the best resources and most of all helping us figure out how to get rid of the nasty aroma the cats had left behind. Any time there was an event to support a rescue or shelter, Shannon was the first to spread the word, so when she saw a dog running loose on the golf course behind her house, we weren’t surprised when Shannon took it upon herself to lead the charge in trying to capture the pup.

There’s a long story that could be inserted here, a story that includes weeks after weeks of attempts to catch the dog – all of which transpired in the wee hours of the morning, the dog’s favorite time to roam and be seen. It includes laying in wait, putting up fliers, galvanizing and orchestrating on foot efforts among neighbors and finally securing and using a trap. Most people would have given up after a few days, a few weeks even. Not Shannon. A couple of months went by and after finally catching the dog and taking it to a vet, Shannon discovered that the dog had a microchip and so she was able to find the owner.

Again, most people would have merely identified the owner and dumped off the dog. Shannon wanted to insure a dog that had been running loose for months without anyone seeming to seek it was going home to a good place. She questioned the owner and found the backstory to be a haunting one. Apparently the owner had been with her dog at a friend’s place because she was going to borrow the friend’s car. While there, someone came to the apartment to kill her friend. She, along with the friend and a couple of others who were in the apartment at the time were shot. The friend was killed. The dog, terrified by the incident, got out of the apartment and took off.

That incident was several months ago, and the owner had been hospitalized, in a coma and then serious recuperation (she was shot a number of times, lost massive amounts of blood and was lucky to have survived).

The owner, now back in Arizona, had been bereft at the loss of her pet and resigned herself to never seeing Savannah (the dog’s name) again.

Until she heard from Shannon.

When Shannon found out that the owner was not only convalescing but also was in a financial bind and unable to get back to Nevada easily to get the dog, Shannon did what only someone like Shannon would do. She put the dog in the car and drove her home.

To say that Shannon goes out of her way to be of service and generous to others is a colossal understatement. She is, put simply, the kind of person to whom we should all aspire to be.

Some photos of Savannah, starting with her “capture”, through her stay at Shannon’s home and finally in the car heading back to her human …