Purina Dog Food Killing Dogs – The Truth


The story is horrific. You purchase dog food based on what you see advertised on TV and in magazines and promoted/pushed at you in every big box pet store. Of course, you think that the foods you’re purchasing are healthy that they are good for your dogs and that there’s no way that the people manufacturing these products would ever do something to put a pet’s life at risk.

If you believe this, you’d be wrong.

The story that burst into the news this year regarding the lawsuit against Purina is merely another sad salvo in a story that should have ended several years ago when the first stories of tainted pet food hit the news. The first time I remember major stories related to ingredients in some pet foods coming from China and resulting in dog deaths was back in 2006-2007. Several large manufacturers were procuring their “meal” product for their dog food from factories in China, which were using chemically based and otherwise tainted materials to create the meal. The result, dogs and cats were dropping dead from kidney and liver failure.

Fast forward and much progress has been made in the world of pet food and I’m happy to report there are quite a few fabulous pet food companies putting rigorous attention to providing not only clean and healthy products but even focusing more so on ingredients that can help with behavioral issues.

The simple fact is this … the ingredients in your dog’s food and treats matter just as much as the ingredients in the food you put into your own body. Full stop.

Beyond the obvious issues raised by this story – that the wrong food and ingredients can actually kill your dog – the impact on canine behavior from the food they consume is substantial. The very first thing I address when working with a new training client is how and what the dog is being fed, and in many cases adjustment to diet and feeding routine can result in substantial improvement to the dog’s behavior.

If you want to know some ingredients to avoid, here’s a list of a few:

  • Corn – no one should eat this stuff, forget the GMO side of things and think of it like giving your dog a bag of candy bars
  • Soy – enormous source of allergy and water retention
  • Wheat – another major source of allergy

There are a number of other ingredients, from seemingly harmless “natural” ingredients used inappropriately as filler that cause health and behavioral issues all the way to chemicals and pesticides.

For a complete list of ingredients to avoid, including why they’re dangerous and how to figure out if they’re in your pet’s food, to recommendations on great brands that are ethically produced and reasonably priced, join us in Canine Conversations – the private, online community for dog people who want more for their relationship with their pups.  In addition to deep information about pet food, nutrition and veterinary advances and wellness to behavior, training and product reviews, members of this community get insider information as well as the most important thing of all — connections to like-minded pup people.