Hydrant Club Academy: Educational Programming

We’ve been thrilled at the number of inquiries about our various educational programs – from basic behavioral modification to more intense canine linguistics and group leadership to old-fashioned obedience.

As our Canine Linguistics dog behavior modification and obedience training classes all are customized and one-on-one in nature we do not quote pricing until we have properly evaluated the dog and done a thorough needs assessment.

For people who already have completed their initial, customized Canine Linguistics dog-training program at Hydrant Club, we offer a wide range of additional classes and hands-on workshops to help you learn to communicate with your dog and take your relationship to the next level. All classes are held at the Hydrant Club unless otherwise specified.

If you have questions about the programming or wish to suggest a topic for a seminar, please send an email to hydrantclubweb@gmail.com with “class suggestion” as the subject line. And as always if you have any questions feel free to let us know!



Hydrant Club Handler Certification (Basic) – Free to HC Members
A 30-minute session for Hydrant Club members only, designed to help provide basic skills for handling dogs within the Club’s off-leash space.

Hydrant Club Handler Certification (Intermediate) – $200
An hour-long session to give owners a stronger foundation for handling their dogs in public situations from dog parks to walking public streets to cafes.

Hydrant Club Handler Certification (Advanced) – $1200
Available only to people who have successfully completed the basic and intermediate training this four-week course goes beyond handling an individual dog and providing the foundation necessary to manage other people’s dogs as well as successfully manage off-leash dog play. Includes education on canine body language and vocalizations and how to determine whether you should allow your dog to meet/engage with a dog in a public space as well as how to see the warning signs to avoid trouble.

Basic Group Leadership Workshop – $250
A hands-on, 90-minute session that involves a crash course in dog group dynamics and practical application of rules and boundaries to use with your dog in public environments like dog parks, off-leash spaces or even when taking your dog to a friend’s house.

One-on-one hourly training – $150/hour

Designed for strengthening and expanding skills and use of tools taught in the Canine Behavior and Linguistics Introduction Workshop. Can be purchased in packages of 5, 8 and 10 sessions.

Canine Linguistics and Etiquette seminars – $75/each
A series of hour-long classes designed to provide high-level overviews of various topics helpful to living with your dog in urban environments.

Topics include:
• Elevator and urban life etiquette
• How to break up a dogfight
• Canine nutrition and health
• All you ever wanted to know about parasites … and then some.
• Traveling with your dog