Since the beginning of March 2020 we have been adjusting and amending our protocols to insure continued adherence to best practices for the safety and well-being of our Club Members, staff and community. In addition to following all government recommended guidelines, adhering to CDC recommendations we have been staying connected with colleagues around the world implementing best practices specifically for dog facilities.

For people panicking about dogs and COVID-19 please see this post regarding human/dog transmission.
As the dog-facility with the best safety record in Las Vegas, maintaining strict protocols to keep
our staff, Club members and community safe has been a top priority at The Hydrant Club.

To maintain our safe space:

  • Curbside only drop off and pickup for dogs coming to/from day school, boarding or training
  • All dogs’ belongings (collars, leashes etc…) are removed curbside, placed in a sealed bag and the dog put on a slip lead that is disinfected after each use.
  • Staff is undergoing regular COVID testing along with temperature checks before entry each day.
  • Staff is maintaining strict hand sanitizing/washing protocols throughout the day
  • All staff has been providing with PPE necessary to stay safe
  • We require strict, six-foot distancing protocols for staff and everyone wears a mask the entire day.
  • Deep cleaning of the facility every day using COVID-19 specific formula cleaners (which also address a full complement of other dog-related and human illnesses)
  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces throughout the day
  • We’ve always had a hospital-grade HVAC system and now rather than changing filters monthly, do so every week.
  • We’ve added a perimeter boundary fence to keep passers-by further away from our fence line and added impermeable, six foot banners to obstruct exposure around the entire property
  • Club members using the off-leash play space may do so with requirement they maintain 6-foot social distancing and wear masks the entire time.
  • Any and all toys used in our play space are placed in a sealed bin after use and disinfected daily
Hydrant Club COVID
Hydrant Club COVID
Hydrant Club COVID
Hydrant Club COVID
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