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Dog Daycare Las Vegas

Why We Exist

With the pet care industry being chock-full of dog daycare and dog boarding options, why would we start another dog facility? Simple. We are neither of those things. Okay, so we OFFER those services, but at our core, we are about dog training and human education. We believe existing solutions for dog daycare and boarding are great but can be better. We believe it’s time to take things to another level. Other facilities are only about the dogs. Our focus is on dogs and their people. We have built an environment that creates stronger connections between dogs and their people, resulting in well-behaved pups and happy humans.

Public dog parks are rife with ill-mannered dogs and people with little to no education or skills in dog handling. The result is an almost epidemic issue in public dog parks of dog-on-dog aggression. Hydrant Club is a membership-access facility, requiring the following:

  • Proof of dog’s clean health (e.g. properly vaccinated)
  • Behavioral screening to ensure all dogs (and owners) are equipped for the safe transition to off-leash play. Dogs showing signs of unstable behavior (overly dominant or overly fearful) are required to undergo training and re-evaluation before being admitted

To be “a member” the dog has to pass both of the above requirements. In the event that a dog is socially awkward, not yet training or in need of behavioral guidance Hydrant Club offers that too with customized dog training programs to meet the needs of each dog and its human.

For members who want their pups to have a place to hang out for a few hours or a whole day, Hydrant Club offers dog daycare where owners may drop their dogs off on an appointment basis. To further support members’ needs, The Hydrant Club has a highly curated retail store with top-of-the-line treats, chews, toys, food and other staples. As if things couldn’t get any better, Hydrant Club also offers concierge services to bring your dog to/from daycare or boarding, to come play at the off-leash space during the day while you’re at work and deliver your dog food directly to your home.

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