Pups Not Politics: Time to Draw the Line to Protect our Pets

I do my best to keep pups and politics separate.

That changes with this news.

Over the last couple of decades there have been horrific situations with major pet food manufacturers using toxic ingredients in pet foods – ingredients that led to the deaths of many dogs and cats.

There have been lawsuits. Lots of them.

Like this one. And this one. Can’t forget this one. This was a horrible one. And those don’t even take into account the laundry list of recalls, many of which are of products that are being made poorly or shouldn’t be allowed to be made in the first place.

During the last President’s Administration some protections were put into place to hold manufacturers accountable. There were ingredients they could not use. There were parameters they had to follow. There were regulations that kept them accountable.

Thanks to the current President’s Administration, those protections are now gone.

Pity that dogs can’t vote.