Unlike other facilities, we offer legitimate, 24/7 attention for dogs in our care. Staffing dogs directly at all times so pups are never left alone/unattended. This attention, combined with a strict behavioral screening process and tight dog-to-handler ratio, results in an award-winning, safe space where you can trust your dog’s needs will be met.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION – We offer fully customized one-on-one dog education designed to address each dog’s specific needs. Based on a cognitive learning approach, our work isn’t just with the dog. It’s also about educating people. By helping you better understand your dog we guide you to an even better relationship with them.

DAY SCHOOL – Hydrant Club offers morning half day and whole day school sessions. With the best handler to dog ratio in Las Vegas our environment also has the best safety record. Our strict dog behavior screening allows us to operate fully integrated playgroups blending dogs of all ages (from 8 weeks to senior) with no breed restrictions.

OVERNIGHT BOARDING – We offer overnight stays for pups whose parents have to travel or that need more intensive learning. We are a crate/cage/kennel free facility but do use crates if part of a training program or if it’s what the dog knows from home.


Besides having your dog enrolled in the safest dog care facility, Club membership offers many additional privileges

CLUB ACCESS – Designed as a space for dogs and their humans, The Hydrant Club’s 12,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility is the only one of its kind. With nearly 9,000 square feet of deeply shaded outdoor space lined with real grass, massive shade trees and water features, dogs maintain important behaviors (like potty training) and enjoy fresh air. When the elements don’t allow outside time, the 3,000-square foot, climate-controlled indoor play and learn space, provides the perfect alternative.

RETAIL SERVICES – Members may purchase all the products they need – food, treats, bones, toys and other supplies – via our online customer portal. Along with an array of logo gear only available to Club members.

BATHING/GROOMING – Pup got a little dirty? Don’t worry. We offer full bathing/blow out services, along with nail trims, ear cleaning and tooth brushing. If your pup needs a fancy cut, we have a partnership with Petiamo and can orchestrate their spa day.

CONCIERGE – Whether providing transportation for your dog to/from our facility, escorting your pup to/from the vet, tending to dental hygiene or medical needs, think of us as helping support your pup’s all around needs

PRIVATE EVENTS – In addition to education and care for our four-legged Club members, we offer the dogs’ humans a place to co-work, along with movie nights, watching sports events, speaker series and other members-only gatherings (socially distanced, of course).


Since every training program is customized for each dog, our pricing can vary greatly depending on need. All membership to The Hydrant Club starts with a one-time, membership application fee of $150, which is payable on the day of your dog’s membership interview. If you sign up on the day of the interview, a portion of that fee is applied towards whatever program you pick. 

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